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                The Kingdom Dreamer Scholarship Fund started in the Spring of 2007 with a single person’s special offering, and it has continued since in its mission to support financially challenged students in their journey to become people of God. Our church has a Five-Fold Vision that guides our ministry. The first of the five is “Building Up the Next Generation,” and the second is “Loving Our Neighbors.” I believe the KDSF ministry plays a crucial part in carrying out both visions.   

                Our ministry has been blessed in that we have been able to provide scholarships for numerous students when they needed it the most. Moreover, we take great joy in the fact we have been able to see the fruits of our ministry. Some past recipients have moved on to become pastors and missionaries to carry out the Lord’s work. Others have successfully graduated and become gainfully employed so that they can donate to KDSF and continue the cycle of supporting the next generation.  

                The light that God shines on each one of us grows brighter when we share our blessings. I pray that each one of you can join us in our ministry and become a channel for God’s love and blessings to flow through. 

Elder Kang-Won Lee

How Can I Support KDSF?

The KDSF is thankful for each and every donation. We strive to use each donation efficiently and honestly as we support the Kingdom Dreamers with the heart of Jesus Christ. If you would like to join us in our vision by donating to the KDSF ministry, guidelines are as follows:

  • Your full donation amount will be used for sponsoring KDSF scholarship recipients.

  • We also encourage sponsorship through organizations and businesses, as well as one-time donations for memorials and celebrations.

  • All donations to the KDSF are tax-deductible.

  • Donations may be made using the designated KDSF offering envelope that is located in the front of each pew.

  • If you are unable to attend our service in person, you may contact our church office or use the Inquiry button below for donation inquiries.

Thank you Letters From 2018 Recipients

Jeon Hanna Letter-2.jpg

Dear KDSF,
I am writing to thank you for your generous Kingdom Dreamer Scholarship. I am very grateful for being selected as a recipient of your scholarship. As a son of missionaries, financial problem was the greatest burden I had while I was studying here in the United States. In a situation where I had to cut off all possible spending, even a dollar was a big help. 

Daniel Lee

Dear KDSF donors and future Kingdom Dreamers,
First and foremost, thank you to all the donors that have generously given their money into this scholarship. I am filled with so much gratitude and thanksgiving, knowing that you guys are making a difference in my life. With each dollar, you are furthering God’s kingdom through my academic studies. This opportunity to live out my dream and to fulfill God’s will on my life gets me excited and motivated to continue to pursue after Him and His heart for His people.

Paul Hwang

I am Bamu, Joseph Ateh from the Republic of Cameroon, West Africa. I am an M.div student. On behalf of my family that is back there in Africa, I write this note to express our heartfelt gratitude first to the anxiously awaited Lord and Master, Christ Jesus for raising the kingdom Dreamer Foundation and instilling in it a vision which sustains the education of the leaders of his Church.

Joseph Ateh Bamu

안녕하세요 후원자님!
저는 2018 년도 킹덤드림 장학금을 받게 된 최성경입니다. 먼저 이런 기회를 허락하신 하나님께 감사드리고, 많은 학생들을 위해 재정으로 섬겨주시고 헌신해 주신 후원자님께 너무 감사드립니다.


​안녕하세요 저는 일본 선교사님의 딸인 임소진 입니다. 먼저 사랑장학생으로 선발이 되어서 진심으로 기쁩니다. 무디신학교 아르바이트와 공부를 하는 중에 정말 큰 힘이 됩니다.


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