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Who can Apply?

  • All students attending college in the United States, including theological seminaries and community colleges, may apply. Graduate students pursuing a Master’s Degree are also encouraged to apply, but students pursuing All doctorate degree including PhD, Medical Doctor, and Juris Doctor are not eligible to receive the scholarship.

  • Scholarship applicants will be divided into the following five categories when you apply:

     - Category A : Members of Sa-Rang Community Church or Their Children

     - Category B : Members of Other Churches or Communities

     - Category C : Children of Missionaries in Foreign Countries

     - Category D : Children of Pastors of Non-Self Sufficient Churches in the United States

     - Category E : local Students Recommended by a Missionary or mission org. in overseas

     * Foreign school enrollments are permitted for Category E only.

About the KDSF Scholarship

  • Four-Year University Students and Graduate Students : $2,000.

  • Community College Students : $1,000.

  • Two (4 Year Univ.) Students from the Same Household :  $1,500. each

  • Overseas Theology Student: Amount awarded depends on actual tuition costs


  • Apply                         :  May  1 ~ May 31 2019

  • Evaluation               :  June 1 ~ 30, 2019

  • Announcement     :  July  7, 2019

  • Award Ceremony :  July 21, 2019

  • Disbursement        :  August  - September  2019

How to Apply?

  • Click on the [Apply Now] button below to submit your application and supporting documents online. No paper applications will be accepted. at any case

Required Documents

For Applications
  • All Categories

      -  Transcript from previous level of education (Freshman in 2019 fall semester : High school transcript)

      - Certified Proof of household income

  • Category C (Parent's)

     - Proof of missionary expedition

     - Letter of introduction from missionary

  • Category D (Parent's)

     - Proof of church affiliation 

     - Graduate Degree in Theology 

     - Latest printing of church news

     - Church budget report

  • Category

     - Copy of yearly tuition bill

     - Letter of recommendation from missionary

  • Recommendation letters are not required for any other group, except Category E.

For Disbursements
  • All Categories

      - Letter of acceptance (for Freshman of 2019 fall semester)

      - Proof of registration for the next semester (Current freshman and over grades)

Please read FAQ before you start to apply.


*  Award Ceremony held in 2nd Chapel Service in 2018

*  Award Ceremony held in 3rd Chapel Service in 2018

Yeeun Jang
Ye Vin (Sharon) Lee
Zione Hong
Suyoun Yi
Sarah Kim
sun ji paik
Seong Kyeong Choi
Min Kyu Shin
Paul Hwang
Nikolai Kim
Kun Jin Choi
Kaylla Son
Ju Eun (Lydia) Lim
John Kim
Katie Lee
Ji Min Kang
Jessica Jeon
Iris Jang
Il Hyun Kim
Hyeyeon Lee
Hyeon Gyu (Sam) Lee
Hanna Jeon
Eunice Han
Esther Suh
Dora Varner
Elliot Choi
Doh Kyun Han
Dasol Jeong
Byung Gun Park
Danny SungJoo Gang
Da Bean Yu
Cheeun Jang
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